Bird's Nest 燕窝

Bird's Nest 燕窝

Bird's Nest are the solidified salvia nest of the swiflets which are harvested for consumption. According to Chinese history, Bird's Nest had always been a prized offerings to the royal families by their subjects. It's reputed in improving and nourish complexions and recent research shows it contains various proteins,amino acids and minerals. Thus it will be very suitable for all ages, improving general health and fitness also strengthening the immune system.



HOUSE BIRD'S NEST:Picking environment consists of caves, cliffs into artificial structures for artificial nesting swallows house, and there is no any change of swallow habits. Bird's nest edge from contamination, wash and clear the hair, can be consumed.


◆CAVE BIRD'S NEST/:The bird's nest picking from the wild cave, coastal cliffs. This is the most primitive form of bird's nest exist. It's edge by minerals influence, the nest with a rock edge quality hardened and gray and can not eat, must be handled manually remove dirt. Since the loss of a large, low production, along with expensive price.


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