Special Grade Golden Bird's Nest 蜂标特选金丝燕盏

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Special Grade Golden Bird's Nest 蜂标特选金丝燕盏

Product Origin: Indonesia, 印尼
Packaging Size: 100g pack/盒




Bird's nest since ancient times been regarded as a tribute to the imperial court. Bird's nests main component of the effectiveness of sialic acid and collagen, high solubility not suitable for long stew, because after a long period of high temperature heating nutrition will be a substantial loss. In fact, the approach depends on the quality of bird's nest. Edible bird's nest with  soothes lungs, improve immunity, enhance immunity, skin whitening effect, it isnatural health nutrition for any age of men and women(including pregnant woman).According to reports,  in Singapore, more than 80% of pregnant women eat bird's nest, in order to make a future baby more healthy and clever.



Please keep in a dry, cool place or refrigerated.





1. 将天然燕窝加入适量清水或纯净水浸泡一个小时以上,洞燕需要泡发1~3个小时不等,需要根据洞燕窝本身品质决定。若燕角不易泡发至柔软状态请用手将其剥开成条状或丝状。

Add the water or purified water to the natural bird's nest, soak for more than an hour, the cave bird's nest needs to swallow bubble from 1 to 3 hours vary, depending of the quality of bird's nest itself.  If the angle is not easy to swallow soft bubble to the status of your hand to peel into strips or filaments.

2. 待燕窝膨胀松软后换清水,隔水炖45分钟~1个小时。洞燕的炖时长度则需要根据其品质所决定,一般情况下1~3个小时以上不等。

Until the bird's nest to be soft and bloated, changing  water and double boil for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The stew time of the cave bird's nest need to depends on itself quality, normally double boil for around 1~3 hours.

3. 根据个人口味,可随意加入冰糖,蜂蜜,杏仁粉,枸杞,红枣,高丽参,泡参片或冬虫夏草等。

 According to personal taste, you can freely add sugar, honey, almonds powder, wolfberry, red dates, ginseng, cordyceps  or the like.






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