Turkey's Brand First Grade Wild Cordyceps 火鸡牌一级冬虫夏草

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Turkey's Brand First Grade Wild Cordyceps 火鸡牌一级冬虫夏草

Product Origin: China, 中国西藏
Packaging Size: 10g box/盒


Cordyceps sinensis is a kind of rare tonic herb used commonly by Chinese folk, its nutrients higher than ginseng, can be used as a medicine, also edible, it is excellent cuisine and has a very high nutritional value. Cordyceps produced from an altitude of about 4000 meters' mountain thickets or plateau meadow. Cordyceps can enhance the body's immunity, nourishing lung & kidney, hemostatic phlegm, it has a significant effect for chronic cough false asthma and cough.



Qinghai, China.



Keep refrigerated.



1. Boil with water to make tea drink. Usually, cordycep need to cook around 6~10mins per time, pay attention to use a slow fire and boiling time is short. After water boiling should drink immediately, once drink and once add water. Is the most nutritious when the coddycep water in the darkest time, cannot waste the water at this moment. You can eat the cordycep after the water no taste any more. A pot of cordycep tea can drink at least half an hour, add water 4~6 times.


2. Stew with the meat, this is traditional edible method of cordycep. Mixed with different varies of meat,  efficacy have certain difference.


3. Used to soak wine to drink.


4. Use the grinding machine for grinding the cordyceps into powder, take 1 ~ 2 times per day and 0.4 to 0.6g each time, swallow with warm water.

使用研磨机将冬虫夏草磨成粉,每日1~2次,每次0.4-0.6g, 配以温水吞服。





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