Blak Dates (Nan Zao) 正南枣

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Blak Dates (Nan Zao) 正南枣

Product Origin: China, 中国
Packaging Size: 400g pack/包


Nanzao (black dates) has been classified as a tribute during the Qianlong era. Nanzao is the best date in Jiangnan, composition is rich, containing essential amino acids and inorganic salts. 



Keep refrigerated.



  • What's the difference between  the red date, black date, and nanzao?红枣,黑枣,南枣有什么不同?

Medicine commonly used Chinese-dates such as black dates, nanzao, red dates, honey dates, etc., of which the black date and nanzao have more strong effects for nourishing blood and invigorating spleen-stomach. The red date is warm in property, nourishing force thinner.  And the honey date has nice taste and better effect for nourishing and detoxification.




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