Cordyceps Militaris 蜂标虫草菌丝体

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Cordyceps Militaris 蜂标虫草菌丝体

Product Origin: China, 中国
Packaging Size: 100g bottle/罐

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Cordyceps flowers are rich in polysaccharides (containing Cordyceps acid), proteins, 18 amino acids and 17 trace elements, 12 vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E and other contentd all higher than mushrooms, via Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Canada, the United States and countries around the world such as more than ten units of domestic research and test prove that the north Chinese caterpillar fungus is the most ideal substitute of traditional Chinese codyceps.

虫草花含有丰富的虫草多糖(包含虫草酸)、蛋白质、18种氨基酸、17种微量元素、12种维生素: A、B1、B2、B6、B12、C、D、E等含量高于菇类,经香港、韩国、日本、加拿大、美国以及国内国十多个单位等世界各国的研究和检测证明,北虫草是传统冬虫夏草的最理想代用品。


Keep refrigerated or cool & dry place.



Add 3-5g of Cordyceps militaris into boiling water, let if infuse for 3-5 minutes, ready to serve. Or put chicken or any other meat with 5-10g Cordyceps Militaris into a pot. Optionally for a prominent curative effect.

取虫草菌丝体3-5g用沸水冲泡数分钟后可当茶饮用(可重复浸泡)。虫草可嚼服,或用5-10g 与肉类药材同炖, 可提高人体免疫力。



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