Butterfly Pea Flower 德兰花(蝶豆花)

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Butterfly Pea Flower 德兰花(蝶豆花)

Product Origin: India, 印度
Packaging Size: 60g bottle/罐



Butterfly Pea Flower have a high concentration of Anthocyanin a natural source of Antioxidants which is also the reason why the flower gives of the striking blue hue. It's commonly found in Asia and uses as a food dye and had been in use for Ayurvedic medicine as a memory enhancer it is widely enjoyed as a herbal tea also due to its efiicacy in improving complexion and general health.



Infuse 5-6 flowers with cold or hot water for a few minutes and its ready to serve. Lemon juice, Lemon Grass and various flowers can also be added to suits individual preferences.


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