French Rose Buds 法国玫瑰花

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French Rose Buds 法国玫瑰花

Product Origin: French, 法国
Packaging Size: 100g bottle/罐


Also known as the French rose or pink rose. France rose habits: hardy, drought-tolerant, high disease resistance, resistance to pollution, the soil is relaxed, also can grow in micro alkaline land. Long-term drinking that is able to beauty and slimming,eases fatigue,regulates menstruation and improves menorrhalgia(menstrual pain), prevents constipation.




Keep refrigerated.



To accept this kind of flower blessing people, eloquence is very good, belongs to the speed of the type. It is suitable for holding like student union chairman and other duties. However, the world still has a lot of things can be solved not by words, particularly the emotional aspects, should be pay more heart, to pay a lot to look forward to having a sub-real emotions.



1、Take around 4~6 flowers of France rose (depends on individual prefer),  put into about 400ml glass.


2、Add boiled water (75-90 degrees), about 80% full, soak for 3-5 minutes, can strike drinking, fragrance waft.


3、People who like floral can put more France rose, but according to the individual constitution may be, suggest that the amount of France rose you put from less to more gradually try for your first taste.


4、Can add rock sugar or honey, or mixed with what kind of tea you prefer to, the effect is also different depending on different collation.




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