American Ginseng Tail 美国老山参须

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American Ginseng Tail 美国老山参须

Product Origin: America , 美国
Packaging Size: 300g pack/包


▲Product Description/产品说明: 

Ginseng root shall be as the name suggests, it is a good self-cultivation plants. Ginseng root has a good effect for the treatment of spleen weak and deficiency of vital energy, as well as sedative effect, the ginseng root is quite rich in amino acids and vitamins, can accelerate the body's metabolism, eliminate fatigue and have good stability and effectiveness of mind, regular consumption is very conducive to sleep, especially in the hot summer that when you drinking can help produce saliva and slake thirst.


▲Storage Mode/储藏方式:

Keep refrigerated.


▲ Edible Methods/食用方法:

一:Direct chewing/直接嚼食:

Direct chewing is the easiest way, firstly shall be washed clean, and then directly hold in the mouth and eating slowly.

二:Soaked chewing/泡水嚼食:

Firstly, wash the ginseng root and then with boiled water to drink. The ginseng root via  brewed shall be directly eaten and ensures that the active ingredients in ginseng to be completely absorbed, not wasted.


The specific method is pour the 50 degrees to 60 degrees with a high number of liquor to soak after washed ginseng root, drink cups daily, is very pleasant.


四:Grinding & swallow/磨粉吞服:

This method is super popular recently, ginseng root grinds to the powder, carry out and swallow an appropriate amount of the ginseng root every day.


 Attention:While taking ginseng, not to drink tea and eat kinds of food like carrots.





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