American Ginseng 美国花旗泡参

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American Ginseng 美国花旗泡参

Product Origin: America, 美国
Packaging Size: 454g box/盒


Citigroup ginseng also know as American ginseng. American ginseng has nourishing yin, tonifying qi, concentration, puzzle, cooling, reduce heat effects.

花旗参又叫西洋参、洋参、美国人参等。花旗参具有滋阴补气, 宁神益智及清热生津, 降火消暑的双重功效。


Please store in cold storage.



1、Buccal method:Cut the ginseng into slices, store into a glass jar, take2~4 slices before breakfast or after dinner.

2、Blunt powder method:American ginseng grind into a fine powder is known as American ginseng powder, take 5 grams of powder, wrapped with gauze or filter paper, set the cup into the boiling water for about 5 minutes to drink after capping, can be repeated blunt several time until tasteless. 

3、Make soup method:Cut the American ginseng into thin slices. Take 5g of ginseng slices to cook with the vegetable or traditional medicine, one time every day. 

4、Stew directions:Take 2~5g of American ginseng slices added to the bowl, with the right amount of water to soak for 3~5 hours, sealed sized, and then placed in the pot and double boil 20~30 mins, have eat before breakfast. 

5、Cook porridge method:Take 50g of rice, wash and add clean water for cooking, add 5g of ginseng powder after boiled till porridge done. Advised to take daily during your breakfast.






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