Chang Bai Shan Ginseng 长白山生晒人参

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Chang Bai Shan Ginseng 长白山生晒人参

Product Origin: China, 中国
Packaging Size: 250g box/盒



Ginseng, also known as white ginseng, it's processed by wash, sun, drying and other programs, keep a ginseng prototype form,  less loss of the active ingredient and volatile oil content during processing, that the medicinal is milder compared with the red ginseng. Raw materials are selected from the Changbai Mountain -"Chinese ginseng town", authentic 6-year root of ginseng. Ginseng can supply vital force, invigorate spleenbenefit lung, generate salivastop coughsoothe nerves and benefits the intelligence,etc.. Sweet and light bitter taste, suitable for someone who is Yin deficiency, weak body, insomnia, malaise or loss of appetite.



Keep refrigerated.



 People who has cough, pain, cold, fever and bleeding  cannot eat ginseng.


 ▲DIRECTION OF USE/生晒参的食用方法:  

1.Stewed chicken/炖鸡:Take one hen and tweeze strays, put 5 to 10g of ginseng slices into chicken belly, suture the belly and place into crock pot, and then add water and spices, slow fire to stew until meat cooked and soup thick, finally eat chicken, drink soup and eat ginseng. Take 1 to 2 times a week, suitable for long sick body , qi deficiency and postpartum frail, also has the good auxiliary curative effect for a variety of anemia.


2. Stew/炖服:Take 5 to 10g of  ginseng and cut into thin slices, add a right amount of water to boil together with 30g of crystal sugar. And drink soup and eat ginseng until sugar dissolved, apply to qi-deficiency, postpartum bruise.


3. Wine/泡酒:Choose one complete ginseng root, soak into 500g of white wine and then seal out to store in a shady cool place. Shake several times per day, drink it after a half months. Drink 30 to 50ml each time, 1~2 times for per day. Apply to sun be the spirit is weak and physical deficiency and chronic disease.


4. Tea/泡茶:Cut the ginseng into slices, each time 1 ~ 2 grams of ginseng slices and pour the boil water into cup, and then cover lid for five minutes or so, to make tea to drink, until the flavour of a drug disappeared, then chew the ginseng slag.


5. Cook porridge/煮粥:Cut the ginseng into slices and add water to stew to boling, take the juice to slag, add rice and the right amount of fresh water for cooking porridge. Stay hot when adding suitable amount of honey or sugar to eat, chew on ginseng. Also can add ginseng powder into porridge, one time one day, tonifying qi and blood, spleen appetizer, suitable for people who has poor digestive function of chronic gastrointestinal disease and elderly.


6. Blunt powder/冲粉:Drying the ginseng and grind into powder, take 1 to 2g of ginseng powder per time. With the warm hot water to have ginseng powder. This method suitable for series of qi deficiency symptoms. 



*In addition, at the time of taking ginseng, if you have fever must stop taking, will accentuate otherwise illness. And eat ginseng don't eat turnip, drink strong tea, these are discouraged, can reduce the effect of ginseng.


Good way to eat ginseng is called buccal ginseng, ginseng cut into thin slices and put onto mouth, chew and swallow until ginseng no taste. The advantage of this way of eating one is ginseng are uniformly into the mouth firstly , another is to promote saliva secretion.





 ▲DIRECTION OF USE/生晒参的食用方法:


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