Korean Ginseng Tail 高丽红参须

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Korean Ginseng Tail 高丽红参须

Product Origin: China, 中国
Packaging Size: 600g box/盒


Red ginseng tail should be made by red ginseng roots through a series of technology processing and dry processing. Sweet, light bitter, warm-natured, red ginseng tail is able to reinforce vital energy, return to blood pressure, tonifying qi and controlling blood. Suitable for people who suffer from cold hands and feet, limb weakness, shortness of asthma, fatigue, chronic diarrhea, insomnia. Before taking the red ginseng, the best way that ask the Herb Doctor to discern eater's constitution, take a look at these eaters who belongs to qi-deficiency, blood deficiency or yin deficiency and so on. Choose the correct ginseng variety, symptomatic take ginseng  in order to achieve the purpose of "build up one's body".



Keep refrigerated.



This product is red ginseng tail, therefore ginseng can be directly make soup, stew with medicinal materials, make tea or braised steam for 5 minutes, later can be used. 




  • Korea ginseng with reinforce vital energy effect, so after taking ginseng can not drink tea and eat carrot.

  • 高丽参大补元气,服用后不可饮茶,吃萝卜。

  • Who suffer from cold, fever, typhoid fever, heat stroke, diarrhea, macula, such as the sick, temporarily not take.

  • 凡患感冒、发烧、伤寒、中暑、痢疾、斑疹等病者,暂时不宜服用。




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