Toyo Ginseng 东洋参 (太极参)

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Toyo Ginseng 东洋参 (太极参)

Product Origin: Korea, 韩国
Packaging Size: 600g pack/包


Ginseng is known as"Korea Taigeuk" —South Korea's national treasures, with more than 1500 years of cultivation history, as royal tonic good in all previous dynastiesTaproot straight single form, rare bifurcate, it is a kind of vertical shape refs ginseng products, put the ginseng in 80-90 ℃ water, soak 10-20 minutes and then drying and become known as Korea Taigeuk. Korea taigeuk participants light brown skin, light brown section, with both red ginseng and white ginseng features. GS is the main active ingredient of ginseng. Because unlike other overheated Ginseng , Korea Taigeuk belonging to warming category, you can regulate the central nervous system, regulating blood pressure, anti-oxidation, improve resilience to noxious stimuli, also be able to enhance the body's stress ability and adaptability, promote the energy material utilization in the brain, suitable for anemia cold hands and feet, weak stomach, energy tired weakness .



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