Marine Produce 海产

Marine Produce 海产

Dried Marine produce is a big part of the Chinese Culinary culture, in ancient days preservative techniques were inadequate therefore most Marine products are kept dried results in various cooking techniques and styles which makes this delicacy taste even better than the fresh ones. Marine products covers lots of area, from dried shrimps , anchovies, fishes, scallops, mussels.

But the most prized of them all are the 4 Treasures of Marine Deliciacy they are Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Shark’s Fin and Fish Maw. 

干海产是中国饮食文化的一个重要组成部分, 在古代防腐技术不足条件下因此大多数海洋产品只能保持干燥以至于在不同的的烹饪技术和风格下使得干海产品的美味的口感甚至超越新鲜的。干海产涵盖了很多领域,从干虾、凤尾鱼、鱼、干贝、贻贝。


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