Japanese Dried Abalone 日本干鲍

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Japanese Dried Abalone 日本干鲍

Product Origin: Japan, 日本
Packaging Size: 250g box/盒


Dry abalone is made of the fresh abalone after air drying, is a delicacy seafood, among the quality of Japanese abalone is best in Japan. Dry abalone is suitable for the whole grains in a casserole slowly simmer way to cook in order to preserve its delicious flavor. Abalone has very high nutritional value, contains rich globulin, have nourish Yin Yang effect but not dryess-heat seafood, it also has effects on two-way regulating blood pressure, nourishing Yin, calmming liver, reinforcing the kidney, regulating adrenal hormone secretion, moistening and benefit the stomach.



Please store in a dry, shady and cool place or keep refrigerated.



1.  Soak the abalone in cool water for 48 hours.


2.Take out the abalone and soak it overnight with boiling water. Make it natural stretch and regain the original shape.


3.Wash the dry abalone throughly and no little sand any more, otherwise will influence the taste and quality of abalone.


4.After the wash, add water over abalone, placed in a large steamer and steam for 10 hours.


5.Abalone is added to the casserole, free to add meat, lard and raw sugar, ginger and other materials; simmer 12 hours (can also use the steamer or electric steamer, but a casserole with heat preservation function, so the effect is much better) and then warm one night.


6.After take out the abalone next day, add juice and oyster sauce, and then slow boil for 1.5 hours, you can taste the excellent delicious abalone.




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