Peach Gum 桃胶

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Peach Gum 桃胶

Product Origin: China, 中国
Packaging Size: 220g bottle/瓶



Peach Gum is the solids of the sap that had been secreted from the bark of the Peach Tree. Its known for the beneficial properties on improving various skin conditions.Commonly prepared into refreshing desserts, it is generally tasteless with a gelatin bouncy texture similar to the coveted Bird's Nest.

桃胶是从桃树的树皮分泌的树汁的固体。 广为人知它具有改善各种皮肤状况。通常被用来作为甜点享用,它通常是无味的,与明亮的起泡纹理类似于燕窝。


Please store in a dry, shady and cool place.



Soak 30g of Peach Gum ( Serves 4-5) over 2 nights or at least 12 hours until it is soft. The impurities should have sank to the bottom by now, using a sieve to wash the re hydrated gum. The peach gum can now be doubled boiled for around 2 hours with ingredients such as Lotus Seeds, White Fungus, Red Dates and Chinese Pear.




Pregnant women, children under the age of two can not take the peach gum can not take the peach gum. The menstrual period women take the peach gum should according to their  individual physical condition.





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