Snow Lotus Seeds 雪莲子

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Snow Lotus Seeds 雪莲子

Product Origin: China, 中国
Packaging Size: 250g pack/包


Snow lotus seed also known YACON, produced from the Tibetan plateau snow mountain area. Fruit sticky, color and lustre is glittering and translucent, taste delicious, rich in collagen, protein, keratin and amino acid.  It's good for liver protection, soothes lung, beauty and suitable for any age of men and women.



Please store in a dry, shady and cool place or refrigerated.



Snow lotus seed soaked one hour ahead of schedule, white fungus soaked 1 hour in advance and then tore into small flowers, with snow lotus seeds into the pot, add water and turn a small fire boil again more than 30 minutes after water boiling. Add the wolfberry and rock sugar for cooked before 10 minutes, snow lotus seed crystal clear, very soft waxy after cooked.





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