Traditional Herbs 道地药材

Traditional Herbs 道地药材

In China, traditional medicine is a integral part of the culture going back at least 5,000 years.Traditional medicine is a combination of energy theories, acupuncture, and herbal prescriptions. The Chinese system distinguishes between plants used as "drugs" and "herbs". While about 500 plants are used as official drugs, there are roughly 4,500 plants used in folk medicine by the people of the countryside. Root drugs are considered most important, followed by seeds and fruits, with leaf drugs considered least important. And coupling the use with science of Chinese Medicine affiliating the human body 4 properties, 5 flavours, 4 trends herb functions and and particular meridian, organ or group of organs in the body that the herb plays a major effect.

Recent years, scientists around the world are making scientific research and studies on this ancient wisdom and have repeatedly shown proof of their healing properties and efficacy.



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