Black Truffle 黑松露

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Black Truffle 黑松露

Product Origin: France, 法国
Packaging Size: 90g bottle/瓶



Black truffle (Latin name isTuber melanosporum, English name is perigord truffle), also known as the truffle that is a fungus growing in the wild edible underground. Truffles are very picky about growing environment, as long as the sun, water, or soil PH changes will not be able to grow a bit and it is the only not orderly planting delicacies in the world. Truffle is rich in protein, 18 amino acids (including the human body can not synthesize 8 essential amino acids), unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, zinc, manganese, iron, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and other essential trace elements, as well as sphingolipids a large number of metabolites cerebrosides, ceramides, triterpenes, one male, adenosine, truffles acids, sterols, polysaccharides truffles, truffles and other polypeptides with high nutritional value, such as relieving cough and reducing phlegm, benefits the stomach, reducing blood sugar,  strengthen the heart, enhance immunity and other effects.

黑松露(拉丁名为Tuber melanosporum ,英文称为perigord truffle),也称块菌,是一种生长于地下的野生食用真菌。松露对生长环境非常挑剔,只要阳光、水分或者土壤的酸碱值稍有变化就无法生长,是世界上唯一不能进行整齐有序种植的美味佳肴。黑松露含有丰富的蛋白质、18种氨基酸(包括人体不能合成的8种必需氨基酸)、不饱和脂肪酸、多种维生素、锌、锰、铁、钙、磷、硒等必需微量元素,以及鞘脂类、脑苷脂、神经酰胺、三萜、雄性酮、腺苷、松露酸、甾醇、松露多糖、松露多肽等大量的代谢产物,具有极高的营养保健价值,例如止咳化痰,益肠胃,降低血糖,强化心脏,增强免疫力等功效。



Please store in a shady and cool place or refigerated.



Stewed, western food, hot pot, fried, stew soup, etc.






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