Bulbus fritillariae Cirrhosae 蜂标珍珠川贝

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Bulbus fritillariae Cirrhosae 蜂标珍珠川贝

Product Origin: China, 中国
Packaging Size: 38g pack/包


Bulbus fritillariae Cirrhosae is a good medicine for reliving cough and reducing phelm, prescription of traditional Chinese medicine dosage is considerable. Its growth in the frigid zone in the natural environment, with the name of "prairie pearl". Bulbus fritillariae Cirrhosae originated in Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu and other places, and Zhejiang fritillary main produced from Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places.Bulbus fritillariae Cirrhosae taste bitter, sweet, properties in little cold, Zhejiang fritillary taste bitter, cold. Bulbus fritillariae Cirrhosae has effect for soothes lung, relieving cough and clearing phelm, allergic asthma and clearing heat, used for fever, cough, wind hot cough, hot and dry cough, lung fire cough and serve with the north and the south apricot to enhance the efficacy.

川贝母是止咳化痰的良药,中医处方用量相当大。其生长于寒带的天然环境中,拥有“草原珍珠”之名。川贝母主产于中国的四川、云南、甘肃等地,而浙贝母主产于中国的浙江、江苏 、安徽等地。川贝母味苦、甘,性微寒,浙贝母味苦,性寒 。川贝有润肺止咳化痰平喘,清热化痰的功效,用于热症咳嗽,如风热咳嗽、燥热咳嗽、肺火咳嗽,常与南北杏搭配食用提升效果。 


Keep refrigerated.



Spleen deficiency cold and cold phlegm, dampness phlegm to take cautions. The aconitum.



Decoction taken orally, the daily dosage of 3 ~ 9 grams. Ground into powder, the daily dosage of 1 ~ 2 grams.




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