Herba Dendrobii First Grade 精选霍山石斛

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Herba Dendrobii First Grade 精选霍山石斛

Product Origin: China, 中国
Packaging Size: 120g bot/罐


Huoshan Denrobium (scientific name: Dendrobium nobile Lindl.), also known as leading bracken, emperor of the grass and so on. Dendrobii is stem of the plant, succulent thick, succulent texture is soft and rich in pectin (mucus), the components is stem rich in polysaccharide, through multi-channel process and become a kind of natural traditional Chinese medicine health care products. Huoshan dendrobium can significantly increase the SOD (anti-aging substances) level in the human body. Having benefit the stomach and increase fluids, nourishing yin and clearing heat effect, mainly used for YinShang jin kui, dry mouth polydipsia, eat less, retching, heat after illness, eyes dark unknown. Huoshan dendrobium is the best quality in tin caulis dendrobii, colloid full, chew without slag for a long time, head heavy fact, it's the most common health care product in recently.

霍山石斛(学名:Dendrobium nobile Lindl),又名龙头凤尾草,皇帝草等。石斛是植物中的茎,肉质粗壮,质地柔软又富含胶质(粘液),成分为多糖的茎,经过多道加工程序而成的一种天然中药保健品。霍山石斛能大幅度提高人体内SOD(延缓衰老的主要物质)水平,列为“重货九大仙草之首”。具有益胃生津,滋阴清热的功效,主要用于阴伤津亏,口干烦渴,食少干呕,病后虚热,目暗不明。产于安徽省霍山县的霍山石斛是铁皮石斛中的极品,胶质饱满、久嚼无渣、个头沉实,是如今最常用的保健佳品。


Keep refrigerated.



  • Add 10~20g of Dendrobii into soup when you stew pork or chicken, eat frequently can improve the symptoms of anemia.

  • 炖食猪肉、鸡肉时,可加入10-20克石斛,经常食用,可改善贫血症状。

  • Boil with water as tea drink. Usually, dendrobii cook around 6~10mins per time, pay attention to use a slow fire and boiling time is short. After water boiling should drink immediately, once drink and once add water. Is the most nutritious when the dendrobii in the darkest time, cannot waste the water at this moment.

  •  煮水当茶喝,而不是用开水泡着。通常,石斛一次要煮6~10分钟,注意要用文火,煮沸时间短,水开后要马上喝,边喝边添水,石斛水颜色最深的时候是营养最丰富的时候,这个时候的水一定不要浪费。通常石斛水会经历一个由淡到浓再转淡的过程,余味也很绵长。

  • Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, can wash duck meat to stew for 30 minutes after added the right amount of caulis dendrobii, lily buds,  and cook for another 15 mins, add the salt and a right amount of monosidum glutanate. Dendrobium can also with a cloth, and then put rice and pork with wok into pot, add a moderate amount of water, boil over high heat until boiling and turn to slow fire to cook gruel, taste food after add salt, can receive the same treatment as well as.

  • 治疗肺结结核,可将鸭内洗净炖30分钟后加入石斛、百合,再煮15分钟,加盐,味精适量即成。也可将石斛用布包好,与粳米、猪瘦肉一同入锅,加水适量,旺火烧开后转文火煮成稀粥,加食盐调味后食用,同样可收到治疗作用。


  • Dying the dendrobii and ground into powder, take the proper amount per day with warm boiling water to drink.

  •  将石斛烘干磨粉,每日取适量,用温开水冲泡饮用。



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