Moringa Seeds 辣木籽

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Moringa Seeds 辣木籽

Product Origin: India, 印度
Packaging Size: 250g bottle/瓶



Moringa seed has been for thousands of years of history, that is the rise of a natural health plants in the year 2012 in Europe. It contains vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Preventable diseases, have special curative effect on metabolism and enhance immunity. Before eating, first stripped shell, pale inner food fruit tastes like peanuts, has a special taste such as sweet, bitter, vomiting, fishy, sour.




Please store in a shady and cool place or refrigerated.




  • ORAL/口服:Take 1~3 times one day, 3~4 grains each time, strip away the shell and chew it swallow with 300cc~500cc warm boiling water, sweet mouthful feel after take.


  • BREW/冲泡:Take 2~3 time one day, 3~5 grains each time, strip away the out layer and fruit with boiling water to brew, add little bit of honey will  taste better.


  • STEW/炖汤:Take 10~15 grains to strip away the shell, with the appropriate ingredients, add meat stew together for 2 to 3 hours, later you can enjoy.



  • While taking must be prohibited, eat less sweet food.

  • 服用期间须忌口,少吃甜食。

  • Is not suitable for pregnant women, infants, and severe asthma.

  • 孕妇,婴儿,严重气喘者不宜食用。



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