Radix Polygon (制)首乌片

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Radix Polygon (制)首乌片

Product Origin: China, 中国
Packaging Size: 180g bottle/罐


1. Radix Polygon with Lily Porridge/首乌百合粥 

INGREDIENTS/用料:Radix polygon 30g/制首乌30克,Lily 20g/百合20克,Rice 100g/粳米100克,5 of Big date/大枣5枚,proper in rock sugar/冰糖适量。

STEPS/制用法:Decocting the radix polygon with water, go to the slag, adding the washed lily,rice,big dates and cooking to gruel, add into the proper rock sugar. Take one or seperate to 2 times each single day. 将制首乌加水煎汤,去渣,加入洗净的百合、粳米、大枣煮为稀粥,调入冰糖服食。每日1剂,2次分服。

BENEFITS/益处:Nourishing kidney and Yin. 滋补肾阴。

2. Radix Polygon with Red Dates Tea/首乌红枣茶

INGREDIENTS/用料:Radix polygon 50g/何首乌 50克,10 of Red dates/红枣 10粒,2 of Honey dates/蜜枣 2粒,6 bowls of water/水 6碗.

STEPS/制用法:Wash the radix polygon cleanly, wash the red dates and take out seed, pour the water into a clay pot, add into all materials, the use of small and medium heat for about an hour and a half, the remaining three bowls of water. 首乌浸洗干净;红枣洗净,去核; 将水倒入煲内,放入所有材料,用中小火煮一个半小时,剩下3碗水即成。

BENEFITS/益处:Supply the blood, beauty, reduce the fat and lose weight. 补血养颜,消脂减肥。

3. Radix Polygon with Mutton Soup/首乌羊肉汤

INGREDIENTS/用料:Radix polygon 50g/首乌50克、Cortex Eucommiae 15g/杜仲15克、2 of Corn/玉米2根、4 of Walnut/核桃肉4个、Mutton 300g/羊肉300克、4 of Red dates(seedless)/红枣(去核)4枚、2 of Ginger/生姜2片

STEPS/制用法: All of things should be washed, adding suitable amount of water to boil, add all ingredients, with slow fire boil for two hours, season with salt. 各物洗净,瓦煲加入适量清水烧开,放入所有材料,用文火煲两个小时,下盐调味饮用

BENEFITS/益处:Good for kidney, black hair. 补肾益精,生发乌发。




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