Sky Fruit 向天果

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Sky Fruit 向天果

Product Origin: Solomon Islands, 所罗门群岛
Packaging Size: 100g bottle/罐



Sky Fruit is is originated from the Solomon islands in the wild authentic sky fruit, , yield rare, more precious. Plant Medicine Institute study found that sky fruit produced in the Solomon Islands, its medicinal nutrition is far higher than in other regions, it contains active ingredients and  medicinal value, other tropical areas planted sky fruit produced does not have medicinal value can not even be compared, it is unmatched in the other areas where planted sky fruit.




Please store in a dry, cool place or keep refrigerated.




  • SWALLOW/吞服:The sky fruit peel shell with inner nuts. Nuts broken in half, to confirm the inner core is white colour, breaking off the nuts and swallow with warm water. (do not recommend to chew, too much bitterness)


  • POWDER/研末:The sky fruit to ground into powder, by taking the appropriate proportion of the amount.










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